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Count Victocora

The slopes are just chopped up ice. It is like skiing in sand or a bag of sugar.

261 day(s) ago - Trollhaugen.

Trollhaugen +

Summit is up and running

275 day(s) ago - Trollhaugen.


Just skied late night (9-3am) at Trolhaugen! It was a great time! It was my first time there and I was impressed. Great runs, great atmosphere, the only negative was the chair lifts. I'd highly recommend TH to all skiers in the area!

2 years ago - Trollhaugen.

bob eucker

its an ok ski resort. they seem to be more interested in ski racing than the avg skier. putting a ski race course on every rin on the weekends gets so annoying, theyrr not buck hill and they dont even do that. the hill, if you want to call it that isnt too much to be impressed by.

2 years ago - Trollhaugen.


not to impressed with trollhaugens work ethic in producing new snow and providing a fun environment I've been there 3 times alrdy and everytime they have had maintenence issues and problemems. I was there Friday and why no snow making ? not too impressed so far

2 years ago - Trollhaugen.