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It's rough at Mission Ridge. No new snow, raining, rocks, and the worst coverage I've seen since moving to Wenatchee in the 1980s. There is almost not enough snow to keep the mountain open. Pray for snow.

2 days ago - Mission Ridge.

Wet Snow 0"

There is about 5 inches of fresh snow, with about a half an inch of ice on top because of the rain all night. Although the mountain reports is all chairs are open, chair two (quad) is closed and the lift lines are extremely long for chair three.

9 days ago - Mission Ridge.

Wet Snow 5"

Great morning on Mission Ridge! All four chairs were working, though chair 2 was broken for like ten minutes. It snowed a bit all morning and visibility was good at base but maybe only 80 ft of visibility near the summit. Other than patches of ice and a few rocks on a chair 3 run, snow was in great shape and lines were no longer than 2 minutes (usually much shorter)

22 days ago - Mission Ridge.

Machine Groomed
Mission Ridge +

Two chairlifts broken down and lines forming at chairs one and three. Some rocks off the runs but main runs are nice with no ice.

24 days ago - Mission Ridge.

Machine Groomed 0"
Mission Ridge +

12/31/14 Beautiful day on the ridge!!! No ice on the groomers and if you don't mind a few rocks some opportunities get off the beaten path.... No wind and blue skies

25 days ago - Mission Ridge.

Packed powder 0"