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20 hours ago - Scheffau - SkiWelt.

Scheffau - SkiWelt +

Lovely weather. Blue bird days past 2 days. Due to snow earlier in week conditions been very good due to excellent work of piste team. Ski early and then enjoy the sunshine. Snow forecast on Monday and colder temperatures next week.

308 day(s) ago - Scheffau - SkiWelt.

Machine Groomed
Scheffau - SkiWelt +

309 day(s) ago - Scheffau - SkiWelt.

Scheffau - SkiWelt +

Snowed quite heavily all Day today. With a low temperature this should make the week look good. About 30 cm fallen. Blue bird says forecast

310 day(s) ago - Scheffau - SkiWelt.

Powder 12"
Scheffau - SkiWelt +

Good conditions today!

330 day(s) ago - Scheffau - SkiWelt.

Variable Conditions 0"