Getting In Shape To Ski And Ride

Swiss Ball Tri-fecta with Grete Eliassen.

U.S. Ski Team's 5 Essential Ski Training Exercises

U.S. Ski Team athletes Grete Eliassen and Heather McPhie give you ski fitness tips to get the most out of your skiing. Full Article

Heather Pre Season

Preseason Ski Training with Heather McPhie: Weighted Box Squats

U.S. Ski Team athlete Heather McPhie shows you one of her favorite preseason exercises to prepare you for ski season. Full Article


Preseason Ski Training with Grete Eliassen: Back Extension & Dumbbell Row

U.S. Ski Team athlete Grete Eliassen breaks down this hard "core" preseason exercise that she uses to prepare for ski season. Full Article

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