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Canaan Valley Resort Historical Snowfall

Canaan Valley Resort Snow History

How much did it snow at Canaan Valley Resort last season? Check out historical snowfall in the graph, and slide right to see snow totals for the entire calendar year or find a monthly breakout below. Click Compare at the top left to see a season-over-season comparison of Canaan Valley Resort snowfall, and slide right to see September-April snow totals. In addition to snow history, you can also view Base Depth by selecting it at the top right dropdown, along with other Canaan Valley Resort snow stats, such as Total Snowfall, Max Base Depth, Biggest Snowfall, Total Snowfall Days and Average Base Depth.
Date 24 hr New Snow Season Snowfall Total Base Depth
Jan 1, 20174 in.4 in.12 in.
Jan 6, 20177 in.11 in.12 in.
Jan 7, 20171 in.12 in.12 in.
Jan 8, 20172 in.14 in.12 in.
Jan 24, 20176 in.20 in.12 in.
Jan 27, 20173 in.23 in.12 in.
Jan 28, 20172 in.25 in.12 in.
Jan 29, 20171 in.26 in.12 in.
Jan 30, 20177 in.33 in.12 in.
Jan 31, 20175 in.38 in.12 in.
Feb 1, 20171 in.39 in.12 in.
Feb 2, 20178 in.47 in.18 in.
Feb 9, 20171 in.48 in.18 in.
Feb 10, 20177 in.55 in.18 in.
Feb 16, 20173 in.58 in.12 in.
Feb 17, 20171 in.59 in.12 in.
Mar 3, 20175 in.64 in.12 in.
Mar 4, 20173 in.67 in.12 in.
Mar 10, 20174 in.71 in.12 in.

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