Ski Amade: A Network Of 28 Resorts -

Ski Amadé is a region of Austria that is actually a network of 28 ski areas and towns, that when combined, some say, make up the largest ski area in Europe. It is named after guess who? Right: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who was born... Full Overview

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Resort Name User Rating Intermediate Advanced Expert Runs
Last Updated: 4/28
2.5mi 3.7mi 1.2mi 0mi/7.5mi
Last Updated: 4/28
19.3mi 32.3mi 1.9mi 0mi/53.4mi
Last Updated: 9/21
1.2mi 0.6mi 0.6mi 0mi/2.5mi
Last Updated: 3/24
2.6mi 1.1mi 0mi 0mi/3.7mi
Last Updated: 4/21
4.3mi 3.1mi 0mi 0mi/7.5mi
Last Updated: 4/ 1
3.7mi 2.9mi 0.9mi 0mi/7.5mi
Last Updated: 4/22
9.3mi 25.5mi 0mi 0mi/34.8mi
Last Updated: 3/31
1.2mi 6.8mi 0.3mi 0mi/9.6mi
Last Updated: 3/19
2.5mi 0.6mi 0mi 0mi/3.1mi
Last Updated: 9/ 8
15.5mi 33.6mi 1.9mi 0mi/51mi
Last Updated: 4/22
32.3mi 25.5mi 11.8mi 0mi/74.6mi
Last Updated: 3/31
5.6mi 4.3mi 0mi 0mi/10.7mi
Last Updated: 4/24
3.1mi 15.5mi 1.2mi 0mi/19.9mi
Last Updated: 3/31
0.6mi 1.9mi 0.6mi 0mi/5mi
Last Updated: 4/22
11.5mi 2.8mi 2.2mi 0mi/16.5mi
Last Updated: 4/21
11.2mi 8.7mi 1.9mi 0mi/21.7mi
Last Updated: 4/21
22.1mi 15.3mi 4.8mi 0mi/42.3mi

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