Why skiing is simply a pleasure in the Salzburger Land is obvious: the state Salzburg encompasses parts of the Niederen and Hohen Tauern, the Salzburger Voralpenland as well as parts of the Tennengebirge and Osthorn group and therefore Salzburg also contains parts of the Northern Limestone Alps. Well-known ski areas such as... Full Overview
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Resort Name User Rating Intermediate Advanced Expert Runs
Last Updated: 3/31
19.9mi 7.5mi 1.2mi 0mi/28.6mi
Last Updated: 4/28
2.2mi 8.1mi 0.9mi 0mi/11.2mi
Last Updated: 9/24
2.5mi 3.7mi 1.2mi 0mi/7.5mi
Last Updated: 9/24
19.3mi 32.3mi 1.9mi 0mi/53.4mi
Last Updated: 10/22
2.6mi 1.1mi 0mi 0mi/3.7mi
Last Updated: 4/21
4.3mi 3.1mi 0mi 0mi/7.5mi
Last Updated: 4/21
8.1mi 4.3mi 6.2mi 0mi/18.6mi
Last Updated: 4/ 1
3.7mi 2.9mi 0.9mi 0mi/7.5mi
Last Updated: 10/22
9.3mi 25.5mi 0mi 0mi/34.8mi
Last Updated: 3/17
12.4mi 11.8mi 0.6mi 0mi/24.9mi
Last Updated: 5/ 5
3.1mi 9.9mi 1.2mi 0mi/14.3mi
Last Updated: 3/19
0.6mi 2.5mi 0mi 0mi/3.1mi
Last Updated: 10/30
15.5mi 33.6mi 1.9mi 0mi/51mi
Last Updated: 4/21
16.2mi 10.6mi 4.3mi 0mi/31.1mi
Last Updated: 4/22
32.3mi 25.5mi 11.8mi 0mi/74.6mi
Last Updated: 10/31
8.1mi 15.5mi 1.9mi 7.5mi/25.5mi
Last Updated: 3/31
8.7mi 3.1mi 0.6mi 0mi/12.4mi
Last Updated: 10/27
36.7mi 21.7mi 2.5mi 0mi/60.9mi
Last Updated: 3/20
5mi 1.9mi 0.6mi 0mi/12.4mi
Last Updated: 10/15
5.6mi 4.3mi 0.4mi 0mi/10.3mi
Last Updated: 4/ 6
6mi 3.5mi 2.8mi 0mi/18.6mi
Last Updated: 4/22
55.9mi 59mi 9.3mi 0mi/124.3mi
Last Updated: 4/22
11.5mi 2.8mi 2.2mi 0mi/16.5mi
Last Updated: 3/17
2.5mi 3.7mi 0.6mi 0mi/6.8mi
Last Updated: 4/21
11.2mi 8.7mi 1.9mi 0mi/21.7mi
Last Updated: 4/ 6
6.8mi 9.3mi 0.6mi 0mi/16.8mi
Last Updated: 9/30
17.4mi 15.5mi 5mi 0mi/37.9mi
Last Updated: 10/29
22.1mi 15.3mi 4.8mi 0mi/42.3mi
Last Updated: 4/22
15.5mi 16.8mi 15.5mi 0mi/47.8mi
Last Updated: 4/22
20.5mi 61.5mi 4.3mi 0mi/86.4mi

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