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Borovets Invests In Snowmaking To Combat Strong Winds

New snowmaking systems on Borovet's pistes will be powered by a new reservoir with a capacity for 30,000 cubic metres of water.... More

Firsthand Reports

Borovets +

Excellent ski conditions

22 hours ago - Borovets.

Borovets +

View from the terrace bar in the Rila. The most snow I have seen here for 6 years.

14 day(s) ago - Borovets.

Powder 9"
Borovets +

Been snowing all week!!

22 day(s) ago - Borovets.

Powder 8"
Borovets +

great weathet but the snow is melting in the sun - slushy by 11am.

298 day(s) ago - Borovets.

Wet Snow 0"
Borovets +

Great skiing all week but I can honestly say the snow isn't getting any better now needs the snow cannons soon

299 day(s) ago - Borovets.