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posted 161 day(s) ago by ggberg0520

Good conditions Monday Presidents day. snow through the evening was great nothing like fresh powder. Today it rained and I am wondering if tomorrow with all the rain if the mountain will be slushy and icy. do we go sking or snow tubing? what kind of day will it be......anyone?
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posted 162 day(s) ago by vjakubowski

Presidents day Monday was awesome. To start out the conditions in the morning were good considering man made snow and later it snowed through the evening and was all powder. I stayed all day from 9am to about 8pm. Lots of beginners left the mountain once the snow really came down but the more experienced riders stayed throughout the storm and was the best conditions of the season. I love Shawnee and always will haha. Only bad thing to report is the roads sucked driving home.
posted 164 day(s) ago by MikePasch

Was there Friday, everything had good coverage. Couple of trails closed because they had the snow guns set up covering all the green trails so the complainers like the one that posted below me can snow plow all the new snow of the mountain!! It was fast and harder pack which is what you get with temps in the 20's. Good conditions!
Hard Packed
posted 165 day(s) ago by honestreview

The condition is bad with hard snow and icy ground, they didn't do a good need to come and waste your time.
posted 166 day(s) ago by jv

Great conditions today! Getting ready for a busy weekend fresh snow on everything. snowmakers gave been busy

Displaying 11 - 15 of 365 Firsthand Reports

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