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Firsthand Reports

La Tania +

So much snow today! Scary up on the high ground with the wind, but low ground has great powder especially the blue run into La Tania!

11 day(s) ago - La Tania.

Powder 2"
La Tania +

still good snow to be found in la tania. its being well maintained.

15 day(s) ago - La Tania.

Machine Groomed 0"
La Tania +

Fantastic conditions , very few icy patches.

25 day(s) ago - La Tania.

Packed powder
La Tania +

Folyeres looking down at La Tania Town

33 day(s) ago - La Tania.


Conditions today massively exceeded my expectations. Even the blue down to resort was enjoyable, with only a few icy patches.

42 day(s) ago - La Tania.

Packed powder 4"