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Jassim's iPhone

I am also disagree, very good ski conditions in morning with few spot of icy. We enjoyed a lot yesterday specially with the powder

1 days ago - Courchevel.

Powder 4"

I have to disagree with juliencosdon92. Conditions are not dangerous if you don't ski like a norbert. Yes there are icy patches, but there is also some fantastic skiing to be found, especially in the morning. There was some great powder off piste this morning, probably the best of the season so far. With another 40-80 cms due over the next 4 days, conditions are going to be brilliant.

2 days ago - Courchevel.

Variable Conditions 2"

! •WARNING•! super icy and rocky under the little powder there is. very dangerous.3 people injured this morning. don't go off piste

2 days ago - Courchevel.

Corn Snow 1"
Courchevel +

My first trip to Courchevel having a Great time! But they need snow.. Dusting last night -- meanwhile my home, boston, is being blasted by a blizzard 24-30 inches.. argh..

2 days ago - Courchevel.

Courchevel +

4 days ago - Courchevel.

Machine Groomed 0"