2013 Ski & Snowboard Clothing Buyers' Guide

2013 Ski & Snowboard Clothing Buyers' Guide - ©Julia Vandenoever

2013 Ski & Snowboard Clothing Buyers' Guide

Time to replace some of your outdated and tired ski and snowboard gear for the latest and greatest that will keep you warm and looking stylish on the slopes.

2013 Men's Ski & Snowboard Outfit #1

Looking for optimal warmth when skiing or snowboarding but can't stand the bulk? Check out this ski and snowboard outfit that provides warmth and maneuverability with limited layers.

2013 Women's Ski & Snowboard Outfit #2

A practical, yet stylish ski and snowboard outfit is essential to keep you looking good while protecting you from the elements. Here is a women's example of a great ski and snowboard outfit.

2013 Women's Ski & Snowboard Outfit #1

A ski and snowboard outfit isn't always easy to pick out. Layering and mobility are key, and we've compiled an outfit that will keep you warm and dry, while remaining stylish on the mountain.

2013 Women's Ski & Snowboard Pants & Bibs

Skiers and snowboarders need for warmth isn't only reserved for their torso, but also their lower regions, and a great ski and snowboard pant is essential.

2013 Men's Ski & Snowboard Outfit #2

Layering is the name of the game for skiing and snowboarding. Too cold? Toss on another layer. Burning up? Just shed a layer. Check out this setup for the ultimate layered outfit for skiing and snowboarding....

2013 Women's Ski & Snowboard Shell Jackets

Shell jackets are great when it isn't extremely cold, whether it be skiing or snowboarding within the resort or hiking in the backcountry. Here are two picks for women's shell jackets.

2013 Men's Ski & Snowboard Pants & Bibs

Ski and snowboard pants and bibs can make all the difference in the world. If they're warm, breathable and flexible like these five pairs of pants and bibs, then chances are you will be comfortable throughout...

2013 Women's Ski & Snowboard Midlayers

Mid-layers are essential in the dead of winter, when a base-layer and jacket combination just isn't enough for skiers and snowboarders. We have four options that will keep you warm in the harshest of conditions.

2013 Women's Ski & Snowboard Insulated Jackets

An insulated jacket is a must have for any skier or snowboarder, whether they are within the resort or out in the backcountry. These four insulated jackets will protect from the elements without sacrificing mobility.

2013 Men's Ski & Snowboard Down Jackets

Down insulation has made a big comeback in ski and snowboard jackets recently. Unmatched warmth, lightweight design and versatility makes a down jacket a must-have for any skiers and snowboarders.

2013 Men's Ski & Snowboard Shell Jackets

A lightweight, breathable, waterproof jacket is a staple for any skiers or snowboarders. These three hardshells perform admirably in all conditions you might encounter skiing or snowboarding.

2013 Men's Ski & Snowboard Insulated Jackets

The coldest days can test even the most hardcore skier or snowboarder. Stay out longer and charge harder in one of these new insulated hardshell ski and snowboard jackets.



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