Ski Test 2016/2017 Recap

Ski Test 2016/2017 Recap - ©Liam Doran

OnTheSnow 2016/2017 Ski Test Recap

The editorial event of the year, the OnTheSnow Ski Test went down the first week of March, 2016. Spoiler alert, next season's ski are some of the best to have ever graced snow.

How to Ski Like a Tester

What do you do when there’s not a flake to be found on a steep-as-hell mountain with fat skis to test? No snow? No problem. Here’s why.

Photo Gallery: Why Ski Testing is the Best Job Out There

What's on our Ski Tester checklist? Strong legs, fast, consistent, in tune with technology, eloquent but brief. Oh yeah, and you have to rip like this...

Infographic: Anatomy of a Ski Test

The scene from Snowbird during our OnTheSnow Ski Test the first week in March, 2016, and the kick-ass sponsors that made it happen.

OnTheSnow Ski Test Social: Tester Takes

Get the tester perspective on #SkiTestOTS gone viral.

Hot Gear for Next Year: 2 Top Ski Trends for 2017

OnTheSnow Ski Test Director and industry expert, Krista Crabtree, peers into skiing's future to deliver two hot ski trends you need to know about now.



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