Ski Test 2014/2015 Day 3: All-Mountain, All the Way

17th March 2014 | Heather B. Fried

News Regions: Rocky Mountains, Utah

Resorts in this article: Snowbird

The views from Ski Test day 3. - ©Cody Downard Photography

The views from Ski Test day 3.

Copyright: Cody Downard Photography

The final day of Ski Test 2014 was a pure bluebird beauty, all the better to explore the all-mountain category, which represents the "meat of the market in terms of units sold," according to our Ski Test Director, Krista Crabtree. "The category is so large, with such a big range of waist widths that we felt it important to break up the category in to two parts, following the sentiment of many manufacturers," she goes on.

Accordingly, after much deliberation on exactly how to make that distinction, we finally landed on all-mountain front (AMF) and all-mountain back (AMB). "There is some wiggle room, but the waist width breakdown is as follows: all-mountain front (88–98 mm) and all-mountain back (94–110 mm)," reports Crabtree.

You'll also notice some overlap, however AMF skis "behave more like carving skis but can handle some variety of snow conditions and terrain," she explains, while on the AMB side, the design amps up the versatility to be able to handle both on-piste and off-piste. 

Tester, Harper Phillips gettin' after it on day 3, all-mountain skis. - ©Cody Downard Photography

Tester, Harper Phillips gettin' after it on day 3, all-mountain skis.

Copyright: Cody Downard Photography

AMF and AMB skis were peppered throughout the three days, with some testers tackling these versatility specialists alongside the ski du jour, while others got their first taste on day three. Still finding pockets of powder all over, testers charged hard through the last card before we deliberated and reflected on our faves of the week. 


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