Rental Car Deals:

Many rental car companies offer “ski deals” in the form of promotional codes that are valid during ski season. Here are a few examples of deals you can find online:


Hertz:  You can save $10 a day and up to $50 off an SUV rental by visiting the ski deal section of their website and redeeming this coupon.

Avis: Take up to 20-percent off your rental at Avis by entering the promotional code # K448125 when you book. You can combine this deal with other offers as well, so be sure to check the fine print and search for other offers.

Budget: Save up to 20 percent with Budget by using the coupon # U032118 when booking. You can combine this offer with others, including $15 off a weekend rental with coupon # MUFZ038, $25 off a weekly rental with coupon # MUFZ039, and $50 off a weekly SUV rental with coupon # MUFZ040.


Upgrade at the Counter for Big Savings: A good trick to saving money on car rentals comes from taking advantage of the fact that many car rental employees get rewarded for upsells, even if they end up renting a vehicle for cheaper than its current rate. The main goal is to get the customer to spend more than they intended.

You can reap the benefit of this assuming there is availability. For example, we flew into Denver last week with a mid-sized car reserved at Advantage for $6 a day. SUVs online were approximately $80 per day. At the counter I asked about upgrades, and was able to get a GMC Acadia for $15 more per day, for a rate of $19 a day.

Note: Remember that this is based on availability. It’s a good trick, but not 100 percent reliable—something to keep in mind depending upon how flexible you are with your travels.