Ski Exercises: Band Walks

22nd June 2016 | OnTheSnow Staff

Band walks demonstrated by Grete Eliassen - ©Tim Shisler

Band walks demonstrated by Grete Eliassen

Copyright: Tim Shisler

Band Walks are an essential part of Grete Eliassen's preseason fitness routine that you can incorporate into your ski training and ski workouts. Mini-band walks target the gluteus medius and stabilizing muscles of the hips. This exercise is extremely important to skiers for proper landing technique and jump mechanics on the mountain. 

To complete this exercise successfully, start with a mini-band wrapped around your ankles. It's essential to have at least five lateral yards to perform this exercise.

Stay low in a quarter-squat position, turn your knees out and take a big sideways step followed by a halfway step with the other foot.

Repeat the sideways stepping motion to the left for five yards and then repeat to the right for another five yards. It's important to keep your hip level with your chest and your eyes up. If it's working, your hips will be burning just like Eliassen's. 

Start with two sets of 20 steps in each direction for this exercise.


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