Make some promises and follow through on your next ski day. Be first one up one morning. Make the effort to be at the base of your favorite resort and be first one on the chair or gondola. It's even better if it is a powder day. Everyone has to play in the pow-pow sometime in their life.

Promise yourself that you'll try a tree run. Hit Shadows at Steamboat, or find a stash at the back of Buttermilk. Zip over to Monarch Mountain which is famous for its trees. Greg Ralph with the mountain loves the trees in a storm, and "...floating in the fresh snow when the only thing you hear is your breath and the solitude that you feel. Or going back to your favorite little stashes days after the storm has passed and finding beautiful untracked snow on which to leave your tracks." He adds, "Monarch is a great place; while we don't get a lot of people we do get a lot of powder."

Promise yourself to try a bump run this year, even if it is out of your comfort zone. Head to Mary Jane at Winter Park and try Outhouse or Drunken Frenchman, just to say you did it.

Take a thigh-burning cruiser. Make sure you're cruising so fast that your eyes water. But keep it in control.

Treat yourself to a fancy pants lunch on the mountain at least once this year. Brown bagging it is great, but enjoy a sit-down lunch at one of the nicer spots at your favorite hill, if available. Make reservations at Hazie's at Steamboat. Rest those ski muscles and enjoy some pampering. Follow it up with a massage at your local spa.