For the 1992 Winter Olympic Games, La Plagne hosted the bobsleigh competition on their specially built track. With its 1500 metres in length, 19 bends, and maximum slope of 14.5 percent, this track is considered one of the world's most technically challenging.

While waiting for the Winter Games to heat up this season, the bobsleigh track is open to the public. The resort offers three ways to be thrilled, skimming the ice at speeds that can reach 120 kilometres per hour.

The bob-raft is a self-steering machine specially designed to enable La Plagne to open their track to the public. Four people climb in before sliding down the track at close to 80 kilometres per hour. Each run costs €38 per person, or €112 for a family of four (two parents plus two children under 16).

The mono-bob is a one-man, self-steering bob that flies down the track at 90 kilometres per hour. In a semi-horizontal position, the passenger comes as close as possible to the ice, but in total security of course. Descents costs €103 per person.

The taxi-bob, a veritable Rolls Royce on ice, gives the impression of being a real bobsleigher. Three passengers, behind a professional pilot, fly down the track at speeds reaching 120 kilometres per hour for an adrenaline-pumping thrill. Passengers must be at least 18 years old. Descents cost €108 per person.

If Annecy wins the honour of hosting the 2018 Winter Games, La Plagne will also bask in the glow of the Olympic flame, becoming once again the background of the bobsleigh, luge, and skeleton competitions.

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