Mt. Hood Meadows has brought back their popular group season passes for another year. The passes, which are on sale throughout October, can be purchased in small groups of two, three, or four, depending on ages. The group signs up for the passes, and each member can purchase his or her pass individually.

The 4 X 4 adult season passes, which are for ages 23-64, are available in groups of four. They cost $449 each. The pass pays for itself in six days of skiing or riding.

The 3 X 3 season passes, which are valid for ages 15-22, cost $339 each if three people buy them together. A pass pays for itself in five visits to the resort.

The 2 X 2 season pass hooks up kids ages 7-14. The passes, only available at $229 in groups of two, pays for itself in seven trips to the resort.

The group season passes are valid for unlimited skiing and riding at Mt. Hood Meadows. A group organizer submits the group participants and purchases the first pass; then each of the group members connects to a Web link to pay for their passes. Ski check, store value, or Green Tags can also be purchased at the same time. The group passes are available only online through Oct. 31.

More information. Or call 503-337-2222.