Alyeska Resort is running its season pass sale this fall, wrapping up its final month in October. The resort plans to accommodate last minute pass purchasers with an option to buy passes in Anchorage.

Season passes, which are discounted at pre-season rates with $15-60 off, are available for children starting at age 8 through seniors. Passes also are available for unlimited skiing or midweek only skiing.

Families can get discounts off the sale price. The Family Pass Discount requires purchasing passes for two or more immediate family members. The first pass must be purchased at the full price to receive the discount for the other passes. The Perfect Family Discount allows for passes at half price for family members who are 17 years old or younger. A regular price adult season pass must be purchased to qualify to buy two half-price passes.

The resort also plans to open the Alyeska booth in Anchorage at Dimond Center Mall from noon until 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday during October. Season passes and gift cards are on sale at the booth.

The ski resort plans to begin seven-day operation Nov. 25. Night skiing dates have been extended this winter to run through March 27. Tentative May skiing dates if conditions permit include weekends. This winter's season passes will be valid for May skiing.

More information. Or call 907-754-2275.