Les Portes du Soleil is offering several deals on ski passes this year, two of which are new additions for the 2009/2010 season.

Les Portes du Soleil stretches over 650 kilometres and straddles the Franco-Swiss border. With 290 pistes, the skiing and boarding possibilities seem endless, no matter which pass you choose.

The Early Booking pass, which is new this year, offers a 10-percent discount on all stay packages purchased before Nov. 30, 2009. The Pass Famille also makes its appearance this year, allowing two adults and two children under 18 to spend six days at Les Portes du Soleil for €616 instead of €684.

Although the resorts don't officially open until Dec. 19, 2009, a ski pass for the days, perhaps even the weeks beforehand costs 15 percent less than regularly priced passes. The same offer is valid from April 3, 2010 until the closing planned for April 18, 2010. The official 2009/2010 Portes du Soleil season stretches from Dec. 19 to April 18, but if the snow flies early enough, impatient skiers can leave their first traces as soon as the snow conditions allow.

The Glisse pass also starts April 3. This one lets children under 12 ski for free with an adult who has pre-purchased an all inclusive package. Otherwise, children under five can hit the pistes free all year long.

Children remain children longer at the Portes du Soleil, at least as far as passes are concerned. Children's passes are valid for youth aged five to 16. With the Pass Famille, even 18 year olds are considered children. The average age limit in French resorts for children's passes is 13 years.

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