Mt. Bachelor announced an innovative plan for daily lift ticket pricing to be implemented this winter. The new pricing will vary from day to day depending on the current conditions on the mountain.

The new daily lift ticket pricing will take into account those days when the upper lifts may not open. A single day non-holiday adult lift ticket, for instance, will be priced at $49, $59, or $69, depending on the expected conditions of the day and the percentage of the lifts that are expected to open.

Visibility, winds, temperature, and precipitation will be assessed, with prices determined on the prior afternoon and available on the resort's Web site. Final adjustments in pricing may be made in the early morning by 7 a.m.

The daily ticket price will be determined using an equation that calculates the expected number of lifts to open and daily weather. You can view the formula on the resort's ticket page of their Web site.

Half, full, adult, teen, youth, senior, and adaptive tickets will all have three different levels of pricing, depending on the formula results each day. Holidays (Dec. 26 - Jan. 3, Jan. 16-18, and Feb. 13-15), multi-day tickets, and tickets with lodging partners are excluded from the daily rate change.

More information. Or call 541-382-1709.