Mt. Baker launches their preseason pass sale on Sept. 15. The sale, which offers its season passes at $50 below regular rates, runs throughout October.

Passes are on sale for adults, college students, young adults, youths, and seniors. The child, kid ID, and super senior pass prices remain the same throughout fall, even after the sale.

Adult sale passes cost $680 with Washington state sales tax added. Seniors ages 60-69 can purchase their passes for $375 including taxes.

Full time college students must show proof of enrollment and that full tuition has been paid for 12 credits or more. College passes cost $600, including taxes.

Young adult passes for 13- through 17-year-olds cost $485, while youth passes for ages 13-15 cost $273. Both rates include state sales tax.

Unlimited use of the ski and snowboard security check area can be added to any season pass. Security check for ages 18 and older costs $15, but for kids 17 and younger, the rate is $10.

Family discounts are also available. The family passes must be purchased in person. One adult pass must be paid for at the full adult rate; then, each additional pass for family members comes at 10 percent off. 

Passes can be purchased online or in person at Mt. Baker's Bellingham business office in Bellingham. The sale rates are valid until Oct. 30. Mt. Baker accepts Canadian currency and credit cards for its residents of Canada.

More information. Or call 360-734-6771.