Bear Mountain is bringing back their spring season pass sale rates for one day during its annual fall rail jam. The sixth annual Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails Rise of the Dog, scheduled for Sept. 19, features a day of pro rail jamming plus May prices for season passes.

The pro invitational rail jam, which runs from 2 p.m. until dark, offers $15,000 in cash prizes. The event features new rail designs, a full bar for those 21 years and older, music, a vendor booth city, pro autograph signings, games, giveaways, and weenie roasting. Admission for the public is free.

After dark activities include two films. Stepchild/Thirty Two will premier its new film This Video Sucks. Bear Mountain's A Parkumentary also will be shown.

Season passes will be available at last May's rates during the event. Most passes will be on sale for $30-50 less than the current rates. You must purchase them in person. Bear Mountain also will have 50 percent off outerwear in its retail shop on Sept. 19.

The resort blows snow for the event, even though September skies can be summer blue. The rail jam, sponsored by Tornados, Electric, Thirty Two, and Fuel TV, brings in top-ranked riders to compete for cash on jumps and rails. The event is a chance for Bear Mountain riders to see what new rails will be available on the mountain this winter.

More information. Or call 909-866-5766.