You'd better act now if you hope to pay less than face value for a lift ticket this season to Snowbird. Decide how many days you plan to ski and then choose from either a coupon book like the Adult Ten2Share or, if you have the nerve to ski more than 30 days, a season pass. But deadlines loom.  Sales usually end by mid-September even though ski season rarely starts before Thanksgiving.

The pricing this year hasn't dropped from last season despite the economy, but the good news is that many resorts have opted not to raise prices.

Snowbird's early season pass is still $999 until Sept. 15 and the Alta/Bird pass remains at $1,499 ($1,599 after Sept. 16). At Snowbird, kids under six ski the chairs free. They'll need to pay $15 extra to ride the Tram. Peruvian, Mineral Basin, and Gadzoom lifts tend to be enough anyway because those little legs don't usually enjoy the drop from Hidden Peak.

One cool thing about a Bird season pass is that it comes with perks like a coupon book for discounts around the Tram plaza and surrounding lodges, a six-month subscription to Skiing Magazine and discounts for friends and family. Up to 10 guests can get $10 off a tram/chairs ticket. You'll also receive up to 10 $30 discounts on select lesson programs.

Snowbird also offers individual and family season tickets that get you 10-15 days of skiing for $51 per day (instead of $72) or more than 20 days for $49 per day. This card is non-transferable but can be reloaded. The price of tickets goes up to $59 after Sept. 16.

While pre-season ticket deals at various resorts can save money, for the best value, check to see if the tickets are transferable from one person to another, the unused portion can be carried over to the next season, are reloadable (i.e., if you use them up can you buy more at the same price), and have no holiday blackout dates.

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