Green is the color they'll be talking about at Angel Fire Ski Resort Sept. 11-13, 2009. The Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences (ASPE) will be hosting experts on all things alien during this national symposium coming to New Mexico.

The communities in this Southwest state are rife with tales of Area 51, UFO sightings, saucer crashes, extraterrestrial investigations, and X-Files. Add in haunted and historical sites, metaphysical conclaves, Native American spiritualism and mysterious anomalies such as the Taos Hum to the mix, and you've got the ultimate draw for paranormal enthusiasts.

Angel Fire Resort itself may not have any confirmed crop circles, lake monsters, or Sasquatch sightings, but it does have its own legacy of mysticism, surreal backdrops, and conference space. The ASPE, a non-profit organization committed to examining paranormal experiences and sharing them with others, chose Angel Fire in part because of its history with the Ute Indians who referred to the blazing sunrises and sunsets in the area as "fire of gods".

Head over to the resort, bring the golf clubs, mountain bike, hiking boots, and an open mind when you meet some of the world's best known researchers in the field of paranormal studies.

ASPE has lined up guests like UFOlogist Dennis Balthaser and New Mexico State University Professor Dee Gragg to explain and discuss everything from crop circles to "UFOs and Alternative Energy".  Be sure to purchase a few raffle tickets for a chance to win an Angel Fire Resort 2010 ski vacation. The ski area opens for skiing Saturday, Dec. 12.

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