Q&A With Pro Skier Lynsey Dyer: The End of Ski Industry Male Domination is Here

18th September 2014 | Krista Crabtree, OnTheSnow Ski Test Director

Unicorn Picnic

Lynsey Dyer created Unicorn Picnic with support from various places.

Copyright: www.unicornpicnic.com

Pretty Faces, an all-female documentary ski film debuts at the Boulder Theater on September 30th. It was conceptualized by pro-skier and SheJumps co-founder, Lynsey Dyer. Here we feature an interview with Dyer as told to writer and Eldora Women’s Program director, Krista Crabtree. 

If it's up to pro skier, Lynsey Dyer, the days of men dominating the ski industry are done.

If it's up to pro skier, Lynsey Dyer, the days of men dominating the ski industry are done.

Copyright: www.unicornpicnic.com

Q: Where did you grow up and who got you into skiing?

A: Sun Valley Idaho, my parents got me into the sport.


Q: What was the first ski movie you ever remember watching?

A: Warren Miller with my family.


Q: What was your first filming experience like?

A: It was with TGR and I landed some big airs.


Q: Did you form Unicorn Picnic yourself? Who else is involved?

A: I created it, but many have supported from the production company to everyone from Kickstarter to the girls/athletes who believed in me.


Q: Why do you think men have dominated the ski movie industry?

A: Because guys rip and we haven't been loud enough... yet. And now as a team we can have the impact we've always hoped for.


Q: I had a well-known male skier tell me that "women aren't in movies because they don't like to hike." What would you say to him?

A: Hahahah! Good one.


Q: What are you most proud about Pretty Faces?

A: We did it, we didn't just talk about it. I'd rather try and fail than not show up and risk failure for the potential of what can be.


Q: Who should see the movie?

A: Parents, kids, boys, girls... anyone who needs inspiration to follow a dream. And in case you love to ski you will probably like it.


Q: What's the next project that you're most excited about?

A: We are hoping this film will be the proof that we can do another. We just need sponsors to jump on board in a big way.


Q: Best advice to young female skiers?

A: It is better to show up and fail than not try at all. Train, get strong, put action behind the words and your dreams... you will surprise yourself.

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Pretty Faces trailer

Unicorn Picnic presents the Pretty Faces trailer, an all-women ski film.

Unicorn Picnic


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