Powder Stashes Aren't the Only I-70 Hidden Treasure

30th June 2014 | Heather B. Fried

News Regions: Colorado, North America, Rocky Mountains

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OnTheSnow Managing Editor, Victor Roberto on the set.

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Coloradans and visitors, next time you’re stuck in I-70 ski, weekend, holiday, rush-hour, construction, accident, weather, tunnel closure, road closure, mountain-goat crossing, hazmat spill, or plain ol’ WTF standstill traffic, pull off on exit 248, cruise the frontage road over the highway and get lost in ski history’s past at Ski Country Antiques & Home

It’s like a museum, but with pieces you can actually afford—and will want—to buy. This charming space also made the perfect set to shoot our 40 Editors’ Choice 2014/15 ski videos, so the OnTheSnow and Everwise Entertainment crew took over a section of the store for this year's shoot. What better way to highlight next season’s bleeding edge ski technology than juxtaposed against an old school backdrop? We couldn’t think of one. 

Everything you see on the set is for sale, including the new skis coming just in time for next season. Look for the OnTheSnow full Ski Test Buyers’ Guide this fall, and check out our faves from last season in the meantime.  

Ski Country Antiques & Home made the perfect set to shoot our 40 Editors’ Choice 2014/15 ski videos.

Copyright: Heather B. Fried

 Photo Gallery: Ski Review Videos, Behind the Scenes

Those in need of a little ski cabin style or just wanting to take a piece of the mountains home will find themselves in rustic heaven, with everything from framed trail maps to vintage skis and poles that will make a major ski statement on any wall. In addition to antique wooden skis—snowshoes, ice skates and sleds are among their most popular items, according to Maggie Erickson, manager. 

Looking for a unique piece of furniture or accessory for your mountain home? Just pull off I-70.

Copyright: Heather B. Fried

"A lot of our customers have mountain homes and these pieces are great accessories," she reports. "Most people are just looking for a unique piece of furniture or accessory to add into their existing décor, something that you won't find at a big box store." Even better, they merchandise to inspire, with rooms setup to spark customers’ home-decorating imagination. 

Owner, Sharna Coors (who also happens to be a skier) draws her inspiration from the antique furniture styling found in Germany, where she lived for a number of years. Accordingly, she sources a majority of the antiques from Western Europe, traveling to Belgium about once per year to handpick furniture and accessories from multiple antique dealers. A customer of her store's predecessor, Coors took over coming up on three years ago, lending her own aesthetic and introducing more home décor into the mix. 

Ski Country Antiques & Home owner, Sharna Coors.

Copyright: Heather B. Fried

"We don't just have antiques," Erickson says, mentioning florals, artwork, lamps, throw blankets, pillows, rugs, candles, body care, scarves and books, to name a few. "We also bring in a lot of seasonal decor for the holidays, and at Christmas the store looks stunning." 

Their all-time, favorite item? "On our last buying trip, we found an amazing wood clock that has a music box. It's a large Swiss chalet with all of these intricately carved details," says Erickson. "We're currently in the process of restoring it and can't wait until we can put it out for our customers to see!” 

This wood clock with a music box is currently being restored at Ski Country Antiques & Home and is a staff favorite.

Copyright: Ski Country Antiques & Home

A few minutes there and you might find something at Ski Country Antiques & Home you love just as much. Bonus, the traffic on 70 will be flowing once again. 


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