The Beach at A-Basin is the place to be for springtime. It is a party in the sunshine, with a little skiing on the side. It is so festive and fun that A-Basin has been taking Beach Reservations since October.

The Beach is basically the parking lot, but prime spots are along the edge of the slopes, which back up to the three lower mountain chairlifts. You’ll find all kinds of cars, trucks, campers and contraptions, with grills, lawn furniture, food and libations. People celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, employee parties, special events and regular get-togethers, complete with crazy costumes.

There are a few rules, such as no overnight parking, dogs must be on a leash, no open fires (only gas grills) and no DJs or bands unless you have prior approval. The party ends at 6 p.m. which is when the parking lot is locked.

The A-Basin Beach should be on everyone’s bucket list. Save a spot for the next time you are headed to A-Basin. The cost is between $125-$200, depending on the time of year and day of the week.

For reservations, call 888-272-7246.