Race Fest is a one day only Alpine Racing (GS, SL & Combinded) event. Anybody 18 Years or older can enter but the event is limited to 100 racers. This is a non-sanctioned event.


  • RaceFest is limited to 100 people. We are going to split up into 2 groups. The oldest 50 people will be group "A". The other 50 will be group "B".
  • In the morning session, Group "A" will make 3 runs of GS. Group "B" will make 3 runs of SL. 
  • In the afternoon Group "A" will do 3 runs of SL and group "B" will do 3 runs of GS.
  • Each racer will get 6 race runs in one day (3 GS and 3 SL). We throw out the slowest time in each event, and add up the other 2 and that is your time for each event.  
  • We have full length GS on North American and full length SL on Suntanner.
  • The first run of each event will be bib order. When you finish your first run, get back up to the top and get on line for your 2nd & 3rd runs. First come, first serve for 2nd and 3rd runs. 
  • Prizes for Men & Women, Group A & B, GS, SL & Combined.
  • RaceFest was designed to maximize your skiing, minimize your waiting around time and make race day a super fun experience.

Cost: $150 per racer (includes your lift ticket for RaceFest)

For every racer to be able to make 6 race runs we must limit the field to 100 racers. Skiracereg.com does not allow us to cut off registration at 100 people automatically so we will be watching registrations and manually cut it off as soon as we get to 100 people. If we miss the cutoff and you register and you are over the 100 limit we will notify you that we cannot accept your registration and you will not be charged. We are sorry for the inconvenience but we must limit RaceFest to 100 people. If you are NOT notified about any registration issues you are in Racefest. Thank you for understanding.

Questions can be directed to Alan Bushell by calling 516-767-0120 or emailing alan@procalc.com