Ski culture owes a lot to the 80s, especially its iconic usage of neon. Once a year, Beech Mountain pays homage to this legendary decade with "Totally 80s Retro Ski Weekend."

This year's event runs February 21-23 and offers skiers and riders a totally tubular weekend of choice events. They include the Mile-High Moonwalking Contest ($150 cash prize), retro 80s bands, karaoke, a Totally Retro Apparel Contest ($500 cash prize) and a banked slalom competition. Non-retro ski rentals are just $19.80, but there's no occassion more fitting to dust off the Craig Kelley Air or break the 210s out of retirement.

Since moonwalking, headbanging and generally being rad is bound to work up a major appetite, special $19.80 dinner specials are filling the menu. And if you plan to party hardy, take advantage of bodacious lodging specials from $80.80 per night. Find more information here.