Gear Review: Rhino-Rack Boxes up Quality & Convenience

22nd January 2014 | Dan Kasper

The Rhino-Rack RMFZ85 is a must for skiers and riders looking for a large-capacity, stylish cargo box. - ©Rhino-Rack

The Rhino-Rack RMFZ85 is a must for skiers and riders looking for a large-capacity, stylish cargo box.

Copyright: Rhino-Rack

Whether driving to a ski resort in Lake Tahoe, the Rockies or New England, Rhino-Rack ski racks and cargo boxes have become a familiar site atop mountain-bound vehicles in recent years. Innovative design, quality construction and competitive pricing has made Rhino-Rack a popular choice amongst skiers and riders since they landed in North America in 2009.

While Rhino-Rack might be the new kids on the block in the U.S. and Canada, they’ve been mastering the rooftop game Down Under since 1992. Here at OnTheSnow, we decided to put one of these Aussie cargo boxes to the test to see how it stacked up to their American and Swedish counterparts.

The Rhino-Rack RMFZ85 offers a cost-effective, high-quality cargo box for your next ski trip.

Copyright: Rhino-Rack

At first glance, the automotive finish on the RMFZ85 cargo box gives it a very polished look. Combine that showroom gloss with the aerodynamic styling and it’s hard to believe that this is a 500-liter box capable of carrying six to eight pairs of skis (or four to six snowboards) and up to 165 pounds. It’s easy to stuff the RMFZ85 full of gear, luggage and equipment, yet it maintains the streamlined aesthetic of a much smaller cargo box.

The box can open from both the driver and passenger side, making it seamless to stuff every interior nook and cranny of the RMFZ85. With its large capacity, the security of all of your gear is paramount. Rhino-Rack knows this and equips the RMFZ85 with three luggage straps to ratchet down equipment and a three-point locking system to keep your valuables safe.

While the aesthetics, capacity and security of the RMFZ85 impress, the standout is its ease of use. Rhino-Rack recently unveiled their Master Fit Technology—a quick-fitting clamping system that makes mounting and dismounting the box a breeze. Press the big red button to unlock the clamp, twist the knob for a secure fit to your crossbars and press the button again to lock it in place. The Master Fit Technology clamping system is compatible with multiple crossbars but looks great on Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty Aero crossbars (the only Aero-style bars on the market that come in black).

Rhino-Rack's new Master Fit Technology makes mounting and dismounting the RMFZ85 a breeze.

Copyright: Rhino-Rack

Bottom line: the Rhino-Rack RMFZ85 delivers a large, high-quality cargo box with all of the bells and whistles. Beyond the size, craftsmanship and ease of use, it also won’t break the bank. Good on ya, Rhino-Rack. 


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