The best skiing and riding is the kind that leaves you totally bushed by 4:00. And at Sugarloaf, those days are always on tap. Skiers and riders dread nothing more than a long drive home after an epic day of slashing turns with friends. Well, dread no more.

Sugarloaf's Zoom Rooms card entitles the bearer to one night in a hotel-style room or studio condo any midweek, weekend or holiday night of the season. Rooms can be reserved up to 48 hours in advance, max. Intentionally last-minute to allow for when you've unintentionally hit the aprés a little too hard. Think of it like a get-out-of-spending-the-night-in-the-car free card.

And while they may not be free, $99 is a small price to pay for that kind of last-minute insurance. Grab one of the only 1,200 Zoom Rooms cards before December 1 (or sooner if they run out) and play hard without a worry.