Oddly (given the time of year), a good portion of the nation gets a break today. Look for scattered action in the Northeast and the upper Midwest. RC



Clear and unseasonably warm conditions rule the day in the West, minus morning fog for folks in valley or basin regions. More winter like weather action is on the way this week, but for now it feels like spring for many. Highs from the mid 20's in      the mountains to the mid 80's in parts of the Southwest.



Look for action along the eastern seaboard today, running from Virginia all the way to Maine. Most areas along the coast will see light snow and mountain areas further inland could see a few inches. Highs from the mid teens in northern New England to the mid 30's in New York state.  



A strange weather pattern in the region today. Most of the action is supposed to be confined to the upper Midwest, specifically Michigan, getting a good dose of lake effect snow, but a number of factors today (including a system moving through the Plains), could create a situation that delivers snow showers as far south as Kentucky and deliver up to 2 inches of snow in Chicago. Keep an eye on the weather and call ahead for road and resort conditions if you plan to travel.