Hauling the whole family to the slopes for a day can be costly. That’s why Resorts of the Canadian Rockies has designed a special deal just for families — the Nakiska Family Snow Pack.

Nakiska Family Snow Packs cost $150. One pack covers lift tickets and rental equipment for two adults and up to three children 17 years old and younger to spend the day at Nakiska ski area. Rentals can be either ski or snowboard packages.

Here’s how to check out what the Nakiska Family Snow Pack can save for your family:

First, lift tickets for adults cost $70 at the resort. Two adult lift tickets add up to nearly the cost of the snow pack. Add in one kid lift ticket, and you’ve surpassed the cost of the snow pack. (Child lift tickets for ages 6-12 usually cost $23, and youth lift tickets for ages 12-17 cost $49.)

In addition to covering the family’s lift tickets, the Nakiska Family Snow Pack builds in rentals, too. Ski and snowboard packages at the resort normally run $41 for youth or adults and $24 for children.

Let’s just ballpark the family at two adults and two children. At the resort, lift tickets would tally up to $186. So even if everyone in the family has gear, the $150 Nakiska Family Snow Pack saves money on lift tickets. At the resort, that family of four would usually pay $312 to outfit everyone with lift tickets and gear.

Nakiska also has an option for families with more than three children. Additional kids can be added on to the snow pack for $30 each. These additions can be purchased at the resort.

Nakiska Family Snow Packs are valid for the entire 2012-13 season, with the exception of blackout dates Feb. 16-24. They must be used this year.

The snow packs are not sold at Nakiska. They are only available by advance purchase at Calgary Co-ops, Eservus, RCR Central Reservations, Groupsales.com, and Delta Lodge at Kananaskis.

What can you do with the savings from the snow pack? Parents can use the extra to put kids in lessons while nabbing some alone time on the slopes.

For more information, call 800-258-7669 or look here.