Another high-pressure storm, another inversion to hit the Salt Lake valley. When an inversion strikes, the air quality suffers and residents are advised to reduce outdoor activities if possible. It’s a depressing phenomenon that hits Utah’s capital a few times each winter, but up in the mountains, it’s sure to be a bright and beautiful day.

As a silver lining, Snowbird has introduced the Blue Bird deal, offering $20 off daily adult lift tickets when air quality control deems the inversion most intense. Kids (ages 7-12) will also receive $10 off a children’s full day lift ticket, and ski or snowboard rentals are $10 with a coupon (click here).

Even non-skiers or snowboarders can catch a breath of fresh air with Snowbird’s foot passenger Tram rides, snowshoe hikes, snowmobile tours or a soak in the rooftop hot tub at The Cliff Spa. The air may be thinner at altitude, but it sure does beat the thick smog in the valley.

If you’re staying in Salt Lake, help reduce emissions and leave the car parked. Instead, hop on the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) busses, which service a few routes to Snowbird/Alta and back for a couple of dollars each way.

Blue Bird discounts will be announced on Snowbird’s Facebook and Twitter pages by 5 p.m. the day before the deal will be offered. Visitors must ask for the Blue Bird discount at the ticket window to receive the deal.