The Snow School at Whistler Blackcomb is laying out the deals for Discover Whistler Days. Select lessons with the Snow School are discounted for three more special value sessions this year.

During Discover Whistler Days, select lessons for adults, kids, and teens are discounted by 30 percent. Discounted adult programs include full- and half-day group lessons and four-day ski camps. The MAX4 programs and camps limit enrolment to four students per instructor for more personalized instruction. Adult classes are for any skier or snowboarder age 19 and older.

Kids programs also are discounted by 30 percent during Discover Whistler Days. The discount applies to two-day weekend programs, three-day Adventure Camps starting on Mondays, and five-day Adventure Camps also starting on Mondays. Children ages 3-12 are eligible for these ski programs. For snowboard versions of these programs, children must be 7-12 years old, except for the two-day weekend program which accepts children as young as 4 years old. Three-day snowboard camps are only discounted at Creekside.

Two teen programs also are discounted. These include the five-day Ride Tribe that start on Mondays and the two-day Ride Tribe weekend program. Ride Tribe group programs are for skiers or snowboarders ages 13 to 18 years old. Ride Tribe programs aim to up the skills for teens with big mountain skiing and the terrain parks.

This year, Discover Whistler Days are scheduled for three more sessions. The first one runs until Feb. 8 while the second is available Feb. 25 through March 8 and the third April 8-21.

Lessons can be purchased online, including lessons discounted during Discover Whistler Days. For more information on Snow School discounts with Discover Whistler Days, look here.