Had a slow start to the New Year? Don't worry, there's still a few weeks left to take advantage of the steep discounts offered during Learn to Ski or Snowboard month in January. After all, we lived through the predicted Mayan apocalypse, so there's really no reason not to give it a go and try a new sport with our renewed lease on life. During January, anyone who is just getting started with skiing or snowboarding can buy one Experience Snowboarding or Go Skiing Package at Mountain Creek in New Jersey and get one free, valid Monday-Friday.

Experience Snowboarding and Go Skiing packages include everything you need to get started: Limited Access Ticket, Ski or Snowboard Rentals and 1 1/2 Hour Group Lesson for just $99.99, Adult or Youth. 

Mountain Creek knows that your first time needs to be awesome if you're going to want to continue, so they've taken numerous steps to ensure the experience is one you'll never forget. For starters, their beginner rental fleet features Head's BYS System skis and Burton's LTR boards, which offer a more flexible ride that's easy to control, and utilizes rocker shape technology that helps beginners get a better feel for turning at lower speeds, without catching an edge -- 'cause nothing will put a bad taste in your mouth for the sport like a face plant on the first day.

Mountain Creek also takes care in preparing a learning environment that allows beginners to build confidence quickly and progress easily. The snow is sculpted and groomed to create terrain that introduces the variable elements of top-to-bottom trails, in a low-speed and controlled area. Light rollers, easy banks and even a mini-pipe, gets beginners used to controlling their balance and moving their weight where they want, when they want.

Even the rental process has been thoroughly laid out to offer minimal friction. If there's one thing that can deter a beginner, it's battling with all that new gear and getting tangled up in ski poles on the way from the rental shop to the bunny hill. Instead, Mountain Creek has streamlined the rental process with automated, paperless registration and carry-free service that literally delivers your gear to you slopeside. 

Ready to start? Grab a BOGO coupon online and check the current conditions.