Poor college students. The demanding workloads and busy schedules of tomorrow's promising new CEO's and presidential hopefuls leave little time for getting away from library and enjoying the great outdoors. That is unless, of course, they're masters at manipulating the class registration process to maximize time in the snowy classroom. But for most, a week-long slopeside sabbatical is just plain out of the question. Enter College Week: filled with home-cooked meals, new clothes and free of scholarly obligations. Get any better? Cheap skiing and riding.

Hunter Mountain offers all valid-ID-carrying college students $35 lift tickets from Jan. 6-11. A cool $25 bucks off the standard lift rate. Put that money in your textbook fund.

Not only should this offer pique a students' interest as a way to get out of the house during the break (after all, isn't getting away from Mom and Dad half the reason you applied to school in the first place), but it fits the tightest of college budgets. You don't have to be an economics major to see $35 is steal for spending a full day ripping down Hunter's 58 trails and two terrain parks. Not to mention most students probably blow through that in a weekend of dorm room pizza deliveries.

As of the ball-drop on NYE, Hunter is off to a solid start for the season with over 80 percent open terrain, the remains of a nice holiday storm cycle that brought over 20 inches to the Catskills.

Current conditions.