Shoplifting, larceny and grand theft are serious crimes, but at one time or another during our adolescence, we all cashed in on the ol' "five finger discount." It took guts, quick hands and flawless poker faces. You might be too embarrassed to recall doing it, but odds are, there was that one harmless time in a candy store, toy store or grocery check-out. Maybe you got caught and vowed never to be untruthful again. Maybe you were good at it. Either way, we aren't here to rat you out. In fact, Crotched Mountain is debuting a new version of the five finger discount, but don't worry -- it's totally legit and requires no stealth whatsoever.

Introducing the Five Finger Frequent Skier Discount Card. Pick one up for just $89 (yes, you have to pay for it) and enjoy deep discounts on lift tickets when you ski or ride at Crotched Mountain this season. Card holders will save 50 percent off non-holiday midweek lift tickets, 25 percent off non-holiday weekend lift tickets and 10 percent off holidays & Midnight Madness lift tickets. 

Midnight Madness tickets give skiers and riders unique access to the entire mountain from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m., including slopeside bonfires, live music and drink specials all night long.

This season, Crotched is spinning up a new high-speed quad chair, aptly named The Rocket, delivering guests to the summit in less than four minutes. In addition, the resort is opening the new Launch Pad beginner / learning area equipped with a Magic Carpet lift. 

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