Ever finished a great day at the mountain, only to learn that a monster storm is due overnight. Or maybe you've overdone it a little during Apres happy hour and would be better off staying close. Either way, Sugarloaf's new Zoom Rooms card is the solution for your short-notice lodging needs. Don't resort to bunking down in the back row of the parking lot, curled up with your down jacket and the seat reclined. Head inside Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel with your Zoom Rooms card in hand and grab a room for the night.

Zoom Rooms cards cost just $99 plus tax and entitles you to one night in a hotel-style room in the Sugarloaf Mountain Hotel, Sugarloaf Inn or studio condos. Rooms can be reserved up to 48 hours in advance, but no sooner. (Good news for procrastinators, or anyone caught needing a room last minute). Reservations can be made by calling or simply walking up to the front desk and if they've got availability, then sweet dreams. And pray for a few feet of fresh.

The room nights can be used anytime during the 2012-13 ski season including midweek, weekends, holidays. Plus, the cards are fully transferable so you can use it for yourself, give it to a friend, or purchase them as gifts. Just think of how many fewer unexpected guests you'll have showing up on your doorstep at 10:30 p.m looking for a couch to surf.

The catch: there's only 1,000 Zoom Rooms cards available and they must be purchased by December 24, 2012. When they sell out or on the evening of December 24 – whichever comes first. Zoom Rooms cards expire on April 21, 2013

More info at sugarloaf.com