Remember when you couldn't wait to go see a PG-13 movie by yourself? It was such a feeling of badass-ness and maturity, right? Something you could brag to your younger friends about and even hold over their adolescent heads, but you probably never did that. However, eventually the thrill of it wore off – about the same time you realized there were R and NC-17 movies out there. Well, Stratton Mountain is reinstating that feeling of badassed-ness to any skier or rider aged 18-29 with their own specialized season pass that's totally brag-worthy – the PG-29. 

Stratton's PG-29 Season Pass is suitable for ages 18-29 and costs just $299 if purchased by December 17, 2012.

The PG-29 Pass gives twentysomethings direct-to-lift access for skiing and riding all of Stratton Mountains' legendary terrain with the added benefit of resort charging for those impromptu waffle cabin visits or apres rounds that come up and access to the best available lodging package rates. Plus, for those jet-setting twentysomethings, the PG-29 pass can be enhanced with add-ons for skiing and riding at Stratton's sister resorts in the Rockies.

Passholders can add a Winter Park Season Pass for just $99, that's a whole second mountain season pass for just a third the price of the PG pass. Additionally, passholders can opt to add five days at Steamboat to their PG pass, also for just $99. That's one pass loaded with potential . . . if only we could say as much for those PG movie previews.

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