Lots of ski resorts sell packs of discount lift tickets. But often the discount is for just a couple dollars. Idaho’s Brundage Mountain plummets their discount deep with the Select Cards. Purchase the cards by Dec. 5, and you’ll knock 36 percent off the ticket rate. Miss the deadline, and you can still get a good deal.

The 2012-13 Brundage Select Cards are valid for the entire ski season with no blackout dates. The cards are transferable, so you can share them with family members or buddies. But you can only use one ticket per day from the cards.

The Select Cards have the best rates through Dec. 5. They each come with three to five days of lift tickets, and they are available for different age groups.

To compare rates, an adult lift ticket purchased on site costs $57 per day. Buying the five-day Select Card costs $180, making the rate per visit plunge to $36 or $21 off the daily ticket price. That’s the best deal.

But adults can also purchase a four-day card for $152, which makes each ticket cost $38. The three-day adult card costs $126, raising the per ticket rate to $42, but still $15 below the regular daily ticket price.

Select Cards are also available for juniors ages 12-17 and seniors above age 69, whose regular lift ticket costs $37. Before Dec. 5, the cards cost $99 for five days, $89 for four days, and $25 for three days. That saves $12-17 per visit to Brundage.

So what if you miss the sale deadline? Are you out of luck? Nope. You can still purchase the cards after the sale, just with a less deep discount. Starting Dec. 6, rates go up for Select Card, but they still offer up to a 15 percent discount. For instance, the five-day adult Select Card goes up to $240, which still adds up to saving $45 over purchasing five lift tickets on site or $9 off of the daily rate.

After Dec. 6, Select Cards for all age groups still yield a per visit discount of $3.50-9. That makes them even beneficial for those missing the sale. Given how the Select Cards work, they are good options for locals and visitors alike.

Select cards are available for purchase online here with after sale pricing here. They are also available for purchase at retail shops in Boise, Eagle, Nampa, Lewiston, and Moscow. Find a list of the retail outlets here.