Ski trips, like most other vacations, are the best when you can bring your closest friends or family along. We're not talking about annoying cousins or that aunt that always pinches your cheeks at Thanksgiving, but the crew of faithful mountain goers you keep on speed dial, whether they have the same last name or not. These are the people you want to share the best runs of the season with.

Mountain Creek understands the value of sharing these experiences with family and friends, so that's exactly how they've designed the Friends and Family All Access Pass Deal; rewarding you for keeping your friends close and your ski friends even closer.

Simply purchase your All Access Season Pass at the same time as three family members or friends and save up to $90 each off the in-season price. But you'll want to round up your co-purchasers quickly. The pre-season price discount is only available for passes purchased as a group by Sunday, December 6, 2012.

All Access passes offers unlimited access seven days a week, all season long. Adults aged 19+ pay just $349 each when bought in the Friends and Family Pack, youth's (age 7-18) pay just $309. Passes must be purchased in multiples of four to get the discount.

If you're more of a lone wolf, you can still save $50 off your All Access pass when you buy before the Dec. 6 deadline. Individual Adult All Access passes are $389 or $349 for Youth.

Looking for solo access to everything that Mountain Creek has to offer throughout the seasons? Then pick up their new All-Mountain pass and ski, snowboard, bike and slide year-round. All-Mountain Pass grants pass holders unlimited access to the Ski Slopes, Bike Trails and Waterpark for the 2012/13 seasons. Available for $629 (Adults) or $589 (Youths) also through December 6, 2012.

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