Montana’s Red Lodge Mountain Resort has devised several ways to get skiers and snowboarders on the slopes at a discount. Their e-store offers discounted day tickets and multi-day passes that can save locals and visitors a few dollars.

Using their e-store to purchase lift tickets in advance can shave a few dollars off ticket prices. If adults purchase lift tickets one day in advance, they can buy it for $1 less than the $50 ticket window price.

All age groups can buy lift tickets at a bigger discount if purchased 14 days or 30 days in advance. For instance, adults can buy a day ticket 14 days in advance for $45 on regular days or $46 on holidays. Buying 30 days in advance drops the lift ticket price to $42 for regular days and $43 for holidays. Discount pricing on advanced ticket bought through the e-store is also available for junior and child lift tickets.

Discounted lift tickets are also available if purchased in packets that add in some additional perks on resort expenditures. You can buy the packets to cover six  or ten days of skiing. If you need more days, you can reload a minimum of half the days for half the price.

Pricing on the six and 10-day packets can be broken down into age groups. For adults, the six-day pack costs $240 while the 10-day one costs $365. For juniors, the packets cost $205 for six days and $320 for 10 days. For children, the packets run $105 for six days and $165 for 10 days.

The discount ticket packets are non-transferable. One packet is only available for use by one person, and refunds are not available for unused tickets.

Red Lodge started up daily operations this past weekend. Three lifts—the Magic Carpet, Miami Beach, and Triple Chair—are currently running with plans to open the remaining three lifts as conditions permit.

To purchase the discount lift tickets, visit the Red Lodge Mountain Resort e-store here.