Families rule at Oregon’s Mt. Bachelor. The resort is so in to promoting family skiing that it is once again running its kids ski free program. It offers a way for vacationing families to get on the slopes without racking up a huge bill for the kids.

Bachelor’s kids ski free program applies to ages 12 years old and younger. When parents purchase multi-day lift tickets, kids can ski free.

In order to get the deal, parents need to purchase a multi-day lift ticket for at least three days. That grants three-day lift tickets for the kids. More than that, and you’ll get the corresponding amount of free days for the kids. One free kid ticket is available for each adult ticket purchased.

The tickets must also be purchased on line in advance. Planning ahead is imperative, as you must purchase the tickets at least four days prior to the first day of skiing.

The program ends up saving families money. For instance, a regular child lift ticket for three days costs $110, but you get that free in the program. Ordering the adult tickets on line in advance also cuts dollars. A three-day adult lift ticket is $13 cheaper when purchased in advance on line. Upon arriving at the resort, the family needs to stop by the ticket window to pick up the actual lift tickets.

Bachelor’s kids ski free program works for vacationing families. Each multi-day lift ticket comes with built in extra days that you can take off to explore other activities. For instance, the three-day lift ticket must be used within a five-day period. The kids ski free deal is available all winter with no blackout dates.

So what can you do with the savings? Pocketing it works. But you can also shift it to other options. For parents longing after a day alone on the slopes, throw the kids in ski school for the day to hit what you want.

To find more information on Mt. Bachelor’s kids ski free program, go here.