Need a vacation within a vacation? That’s part of the philosophy behind the Ladies Day at Big White Resort in British Columbia. While many women’s programs require a multi-week commitment, Big White’s Ladies Day is designed for vacationing women. Top the day off with a spa treatment, and you’ve got the perfect mini-getaway.

Starting Dec. 5, 2012, Big White’s Ladies Day will occur every Wednesday throughout the season. The drop-in program gives women a chance to improve their skiing or snowboarding skills with an instructor. All participants are divided into lesson groups, based on ability.

You’ll spend the morning in a two-hour lesson session with a pro. Following the lesson, all of the groups meet at the Kettle Valley Steakhouse for a lunch that comes with lighter side veggies, wine tasting, and prizes. An afternoon lesson can be added on, too, provided at least three women continue on, but often participants linger over lunch until 2 p.m.

Women can join Ladies Day as a one-day drop-in for $49. An afternoon add-on lesson costs $42. Lift tickets cost extra. Women who may be visiting for an extended duration can buy a four-pack of Ladies Days for $165.

Take a peek at what Big White’s Ladies Day is all about in this short video:

To make your Ladies Day a full mini-getaway, top it off with a massage from Beyond Wrapture Day Spa. The spa, located in the Chateau Big White in the Village, offers a lineup of wraps, massages, reflexology, and treatments. Their signature vinotherapy massage blends red or white wine into lotion for its anti-aging properties. You can also ask for special attention for sore muscles, knees, and feet.

To find more information on Ladies Day, call 250-491-6101 or 866-491-9040 or look here.

To schedule a massage with Beyond Wrapture, call 250-448-8899. You can find more information here.