Four Northwest Rocky Mountain ski resorts have banded together to promote skiing and snowboarding. They are all offering three-day learn to ski or ride programs for first timers to experience the slopes.

Lookout Pass, Silver Mountain, Mt. Spokane, and 49 Degrees North are hoping to get new skiers and riders on the slopes this winter. They are offering the EZ Ski or Ride 1-2-3 program. The program gets beginners further in learning through three visits rather than a one-day program.

The program includes three lessons with lift tickets and rentals. Rentals and lessons are available for skiing or snowboarding. The three days can be on your schedule, not necessarily on consecutive days. But you’ll progress faster by taking the lessons for several days or weeks in a row rather than spreading the three lessons across the entire winter season.

The program varies in price at each of the four areas. At Silver Mountain and 49 Degrees North, it costs $129. Mt. Spokane’s rate is $119. At Lookout Pass, the program costs $99 and includes a free season pass for the remainder of the 2012-13 season for those who graduate. Some of the resorts have age stipulations or certain days the program is offered.

You can purchase the package on your first day when you show up or call the ski resort of your choice. The package is also available for purchase on line with Tickets West.

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