As early season snow hit Montana’s Bridger Mountains outside Bozeman in late October, backcountry skiers hiked for turns. While Bridger Bowl’s lifts aren’t scheduled to turn until Dec. 7, 2012, the ski area has rolled out two lift ticket discount products that can help skiers and riders get on the slopes for less this winter.

The Bridger Coupon book has 10 transferable coupons. The coupons are valid for lift tickets on any day of the season, including weekends and holidays. The book of coupons costs $480. At the ticket window, an adult lift ticket costs $49. So the ticket coupons save $1 per ticket.

With the coupons being transferable, you can split the discount between friends and family members. That makes the coupon book useable for locals or visitors. The coupons are best used for the 13-69 age group, as other age groups can get on the lifts for less with a regular ticket.

Bridger Bowl also sells the Ten Time Pass, available for $380 until Dec. 24, 2012. This pass is not transferable, so it only works for those who plan to ski or ride 10 days throughout the season. The pass price reduces the lift ticket cost per day to $38. That saves $11 off the ticket window rate.

Both types of lift ticket products can be purchased online. Go here to buy them.

For skiers and riders itching for the season to start, take a look at Bridger’s winning movie from last spring’s Point and Chute contest. The movie by the Bridger Brigade is called Better Late Than Never.