Any Mountain, a San Francisco Bay Area outdoor store, offers a great program called the Junior Trade In, that allows families to trade in ski gear each year as their kids grow. The program has been going on for six years, and it makes it easy and affordable for families to get the right size equipment year after year. This great rental deal is offered in California at eight different locations: Corte Madera, Redwood City, Concord, San Jose, Dublin, Berkeley, Fremont and Roseville. 

The complete setup of boots, skis and bindings is available for $109.99 for the first year and includes a mandatory binding check ($10). After the first year, the price is cut in half to $59.98 per year. At no additional costs, the gear can be traded in anytime during the season to ensure the best fit. Each year, the gear is returned and exchanged for a different set of used equipment for the upcoming season. 

The deal is also great for new equipment packages that start at $229.99 for the first year including the binding adjustment fee ($15). After that, it's down to $122.50 per year. If the child keeps the equipment for the second year and beyond, there is a 30% discount towards another new junior equipment package. 

The deal also works for snowboarders. Similarly, it includes the snowboard, bindings and boots, and costs $109.99 for used gear and $229.99 for new gear. 

This deal is great for families in California, because of it's affordability and convenience. If you're interested in learning more, click here.